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Welcome to theWe.online, a digital interstice where We can come together. 

The We is there where We have something in common. Within this space We engage through something We all share: our voice. By turning the voice into a portal to collectivity, it aims to create a place where I can connect with the We through listening and participating.

The We is an online Scripted Gathering by visual artist Cindy Moorman. Moorman is known for her staged encounters that explore the dynamics of collectivity by creating a temporary shared space. Scenes where, through a careful interplay between space, scenography and human presence, everything is connected and every player is co-responsible.

The chord you’re hearing is sung by the participants that are represented by the purple dots. You can see the current number of participants in the lower right corner. Click on participate to join them, and become part of the We by adding your own voice.

To commemorate the moment you joined the We, you can order a physical proof of your participation. Get your own personal certificate with a ribbon attached and hand signed by the artist Cindy Moorman for just €22. This is not just a treat for yourself, but also a way to support the project. Click here to order your proof of participation.

Any questions can be directed to thewe.online@gmail.com.

Many thanks to:
Van Abbemuseumchoir
Studio Harris Blondman
Bureau M.A.F.
Lisette van Eijk

Thank you for your visit, and feel free to come back anytime. The doors are always open.

the We

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